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Overcoming Obstacles to Time Management

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HurdlesI was speaking to a networking group recently full of business owners, and the usual topics arose. We covered Procrastination, Prioritization and Planning – the big three of time management. As always I stressed the most important thing was to find out why you personally procrastinate and above all else make sure that whatever tips you adopt, make sure they sure your style of working. For example, don’t ask me to plan solely on a desktop based program, I am away from my desk far too much and need access when I roam, I need something I can take with me.

I came across this article and thought it shared some useful messages for those who are feeling time challenged. It talks about getting to the route of why you have the issues in the first place.

Call to Action: Read the article and decide what obstacle is most guilty for you, then try turning it around.

Overcoming Obstacles to Time Management

by Tom Bukevicius

Time management is a great skill. A person who has mastered this skill is never late in life. He completes all his work on time. He does not go through work related stress and hence stays healthy. However, managing time is not easy. When we sit down to work, we do not realize when the time slipped out of our hand and the work is still incomplete. To overcome this scenario, we need to recognize the obstacles to time management and understand how we can master them.

1. Unclear objectives – When we have a work in hand and we do not know the purpose behind it, we will not be able to complete it in the right manner and time. If the objective is not clear, we need to ask questions till we understand the purpose of the work.

2. Being disorganized – A disorganized person will never find the right thing at the right time and place. This leads to work related delay and stress. Hence we should always make it a practice to keep things at the right place. This is true with objects as well as files.

3. Saying ‘Yes’ when you should say ‘No’ – You are juggling with five projects in hand and your boss comes up with the sixth one. You know that you will not be able to complete all of them on time, still you say yes to new work. At the end, you realize that you have messed up more than one project. Hence, do not bite more than you can chew.

4. Interruptions – You are trying to concentrate to analyze a piece of data when you cell phone rings. You answer the phone and start working again and a friend pings you. You spend another minute to say bye to him when an email pops up. Amidst all this, your concentration is gone. If the project requires a lot of concentration and focus, put the cell phone on silent, logout from email and chat windows and focus on your project. You will make more of your process during uninterrupted periods of time.

5. Inactivity phase – You have a habit of going in and out of the world of your imagination when you are working. The phases of inactivity during work reduce the pace of completing the work. So when you have a task in hand, concentrate on your work.

6. Stress – Stressed mind is the greatest killer of time. When you are too fatigued or stressed, take out some time to relax. Do not take an extremely complex assignment at the end of the day. Chances are that you will consume more time in completing it and make more errors. Correcting those errors will again eat up some time.

7. Work, work and work – All work will make you a dull man. Find out time and ways to enjoy your life. They bring back the charge in you for pulling up the socks again.

Tom Bukevicius is an expert in the business field and enthusiast in self development and motivation. To learn about Tom, visit

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