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Know when to reboot so you can stay effective

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We have all been there, there is a piece of work you are just trying to get completed. It is dragging on and on. You are getting more and more tired. You are making silly mistakes and getting frustrated.

Now is the time to take a step back and look objectively at the situation.

You know you are not working at your most effective. You know that this task would take much less time if you were fresh, but still you keep at it.

Don’t kid yourself. This is not tenacity. This is foolishness at its worst.

Force yourself to take a step away. Make a cup of coffee or walk around the house taking deep breaths. Do a few jumping jacks. Or even go to bed and tackle it in the morning.

Just like your computer, when it has been on too long and things start to slow down and errors creep in. What is the IT solution – switch off and start again!

You need to do whatever it takes to reboot your system so that you can be effective, take less time and get a better quality output.

Even if you are under a deadline, this advice still holds. If you keep at it, it will just take you longer.

So do yourself a favor watch out for the trap.

Try this method: one mistake raises a yellow flag; two turns it red and the third mistake sends you off to reboot.

I am laboring under a cold this week so I know my attention span is reduced, but by using this method I know just when it is time to cuddle under the blankets with a hot drink.

That being said, that is just what I am off to do! – Ah… the advantages of working from home!

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