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Questions to ask before you can stop procrastinating

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We all have tasks we hate to do. We put them off and pretend they don’t exist. Unfortunately they creep pout from their hiding places larger than they were before, they lurk round corners waiting to jump out at us when we least expect it, they haunt our dreams. We get more and more creative about why we should be putting these things off and why the  that we are doing right now absolutely needs to be done first. Sometimes we get so good at it that we forget what it was we were putting off in the first place.

But the guilt lingers on. It eats away at us and dissolves our focus, robs us of the ability to make decisions and have fun.

It is the shadow in the background

So we beat ourselves us. “Why can’t I just have more discipline and do this!” we cry. “Today I am going to sit down and just do it” – shades of the Nike commercial shining through. Perversely enough this just makes it worse. Now we are resisting ourselves.

To get round this situation we need to understand why we are procrastinating in the first place. Look at the emotions involved. What is our biggest fear about the task?

Is it too big, too complex, too difficult?

What will happen if it goes wrong, is it life or death, or just cause for humiliation?

Is it boring, something you hate or feel is a waste of time?

Whatever the emotions behind it, that is what you need to tackle first. Then and only then can you figure out how to overcome your procrastination.

If the scale of the task is what is daunting you then break it down into baby chunks. Sure writing a book is a horrendous task, but writing an outline would be okay, or writing a few articles would be a start.

If you think you don’t have the necessary skills to complete the task then again, break it down into baby chunks, see what you can do and what you will need help with. Then when you do ask for help it is a small precisely defined area.

By recognizing why you are procrastinating, you can turn things around and get yourself moving.

If you are struggling to control your time and get the results you know you are capable of then it is time to take action. The Focused Time Management System TM avoids all the clutter and gives you the most important things to focus on to get you back in control of your time and your life. It’s all step by step, not a big mish mash of things. So you do step one of the system, and when you’re done with that, you move on to step two, and so on. So easy! All the tips, tools, and worksheets are handed to you on a silver platter. E mail me at Julie@DevelopmentSolutions.US to arrange a time to chat over your issues and see if I can help

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