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How to use stolen time to catch up

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Making the most of every moment available to you can make a huge difference to how much you achieve in a week, but you need to be organized to take advantage of all those stolen moments.

One of the best ideas is to have reading materials available where ever you go.  Whether it is the latest trade magazines, some self development materials, or getting through the pile of letters, e- mails and newsletters that hit your desk every day, there is a huge time advantage in having them gathered together.

  • Having them all in one place allows you to get a real sense for just how much reading you are committing yourself to doing. When you see the scale of the task it is much easier to be harsh about cutting out the ones that are not really adding value for you.
  • By having a source for this material it is easy to dip into it at odd moments throughout the day and knock a few off your list.

How you gather your reading materials depends on how you like to read. Technology plays a part and does give you a lot more options than were available in the past.

Smart phones are great to let you catch up on e mail newsletters. A trick I use is to have a dedicated e mail address just for newsletters. That way they don’t clutter up my in box and I can go straight there when I want to catch up.

If you are more of a paper person, then develop a  “To Read” folder. Tear pages out of magazines, print out e mails and throw them in a folder you can take with you.

Use all those spare moments in the day when you can’t get into anything intense. Waiting for clients to arrive or meetings to start, sitting in waiting rooms,  waiting on your kids getting out from their activities, or even for a bit of light relief over a cup of coffee.

It does take a bit of thought, but once you have started with the idea you will find the possibilities are endless. The small amount of time to get organized will pay itself back within days.

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