Focus Your Mind, Get in Control of Your Time

Try this tip to increase your focus (and improve your dancing)

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Focus is great, it allows you to achieve more and perform at a higher level. Unfortunately, for some it can be hard to achieve for decent lengths of time. Fortunately there are some ways to help improve your ability to focus…

Exercising is one thing you can do to help your brain to improve its focus.

Everyone knows regular exercise is a good thing. For many years we have been preached to about the benefits to our weight and general health.

But did you know exercise also helps with brain function and focus.

I am not going to get all technical and medical here; there are plenty of websites you can go to for that. But there are a few things to be aware of.

  • The more complex the exercise the better. While walking is good, aerobics or dance are better
  • The more intense the exercise the better. A short high energy walk is better than a long slow walk
  • The earlier in the day the better. If you are planning on increasing your brain activity why not get the benefits all day?
  • A light bout of exercise can enhance your mood and brain function for up to 4 hours!
  • 8-10 minutes of exercise can increase your learning ability

While exercising regularly is always the ideal situation, as a small business owner who works from home. I understand that sometimes life just gets in the way!

So, next time you find your focus drifting off, just put on some high energy music and dance your butt off for a few minutes!

What is your favorite way of giving your focus a shot in the arm?

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