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How to survive the summer with kids underfoot

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School is nearly out and for many of us that work at home that means a huge source of distraction has just moved in on us. Hard as it can be to stay focused and productive now, it is nothing compared to trying to get work done while our kids are home. Not to mention the ever present parental guilt about not spending enough time with the kids!

To preserve your sanity and still get some work done requires thinking differently.

Here is my suggestion for a guilt free and productive summer.

Each week look at the family schedule in advance. Consider your own time in light of this and classify it as red, yellow or green time.

Green time is time when you can devote focused uninterrupted time to your business.  Your kids may be at camp, you might have a mother’s helper or have sent them off somewhere, or they may be sleeping.

Yellow time is when you can get some things done while still keeping an eye out for the kids. They may be playing outside, hanging out with friends or chilling at home. Make sure the work you do at this time is the kind that can be done with half a mind.

Red time is time when you know that you will not be able to focus on anything but the kids. Devote this time to them and have fun. Use this time to reenergize yourself, connect with your kids. Plan fun activities. Most importantly, planning these times ahead means you will be able to commit fully to it without feeling guilty.

Share your schedule with your kids so they know when they can have your undivided attention and they might even let up on the guilt trips they lay on you about working!

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Keyuri Joshi June 10, 2010, 5:38 pm

I love it! Simple and effective! Thank you.

juliebaird June 15, 2010, 10:47 am

Thanks. In my book, if it’s not simple it is never going to work!

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