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How to create more time by listening to your body

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As a small business owner you have many roles to fill and so your time can become fragmented as you switch hats throughout the day. As the owner of so many hats it is essential that you make the most of every moment available. Planning is all very well, but unless you are attune to yourself you will not be making the most of your time.

Research shows that we have different times of day when we are most alert. Some people are Larks and are at their best in the morning (can’t understand this myself!) others are Night Owls and are more alert and lively at night. For many people the period after lunch until about 4 o’clock is a bad time too.

By understanding our personal energy curve we can plan to do work when we are at our most alert. This will allow us to do our most difficult and challenging tasks in less time and achieve a better quality result.

What are your most “productive” times? What times of day are you really able to focus, when do you feel creative, when do you have low spots in your energy?

By identifying what times of day are good for specific activities you can work your plan round them.

For example, if you know you are full of creative energy in the morning then set that time aside for writing, creating new products or programs etc.

If you know you have periods where your energy is low then that would be a good time slot for something interactive like calls, or meetings. Or it might be a good time to plan in a break for a walk or a few deep knee bends to boost your spirits!

If you know you can’t work on your invoicing for more than 30 minutes without your head exploding, plan in another activity after 30mins. Do something lighter and more fun for a short period, like some social networking, and then plunge back in.

Everyone will be different and it may take some trial and error to find the right timings. But stay flexible, and tune in to yourself and you will make much better use of your time if you plan based on this.

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