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5 Steps to getting more done using committed time

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Like everyone else you will have times when you are stuck somewhere. Committed to being there. This time does not have to be wasted. By being thoughtful you can use this time to save time later.
It is amazing how much extra time we have than we think. Time traveling, waiting for appointments, waiting for a meeting to start, waiting for someone to arrive etc.

Time traveling, waiting etc can be used for reading, planning projects and other activities

Always carry something with you to do in those spare minutes that appear through the day.

Even if you only use an extra 5 minutes every day you have just increased your working time by 30mins a week! Or looking at it differently, you have just generated 30 minutes more free time. Sounds good to me.

  1. Identify the committed time in your week. Think hard and be critical. Perhaps you could keep a log one week. It will probably surprise you just how much it adds up.
  2. From what you know of your work, what kinds of activities could be progressed during these times? Project planning, generating ideas, reading material, listening to audio classes etc Make a list.
  3. Get an expanding file folder and put in it work that you have identified that can be done in your committed time. Start carrying it with you.
  4. Download audio classes onto your iPod or CD and listen while traveling (while driving safely of course)
  5. Plan ahead so you can take work with you when you think there is a chance you are going to be kept waiting.
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