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5 Lessons from some lovely ladies!

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Julie Speaks at DWC Metrowest

The lovely ladies of DWC Metrowest

Speaking always fires my enthusiasm. I love to see the light come on in someones eyes when they suddenly realize that a simple change can make a huge difference to how much they can get done in a day.

Each time I speak I leave inspired and with some new resolutions myself.

I thought I would share a few of the points that came back into the front of my mind after speaking to the ladies of the Down Town Women’s Club Boston Metrowest Chapter.

  1. Know what your plan is for your business. This allows you to prioritize clearly.
  2. Keep all your bright ideas in a separate place (I use a notebook), and pick one thing at a time to implement.
  3. Treat your working time like a corporate job and do the housework later!
  4. Chunk your time for clients, meetings, networking etc this saves on travel, tidying up and doing your hair and makeup!
  5. Understand yourself. When do you work best? What kinds of things do you procrastinate over? What do you waste time on? By knowing yourself well it is much easier to address any issues and make better use of your time.
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